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spaceneko, onthaedge & julione proudly bring you a blinkie community free of drama & full of fun. New Members please read the rules below & then wait until we are able to check to make sure you credit so we can add you.


Member Rules
New Members
→Please friend and join both blinkieshare & bshare_gallery.
→Please take note of the rules posted on the info page of the bshare_gallery.
→All posts will be moderated.
→No stealing will be tolerated in any way, shape or form.
→If your journal is new, has no entries or is only a credit journal, or if you do not credit your graphics you will not be accepted.

All Members
→ No drama. Please bring any issues directly to the Mods here.

→ Politeness is a requirement. Please and Thank you are nice things. This also includes respecting our eyes and not using internet speak.

→ Please take a moment to look through the rules of the makers. You will be responsible for them as well. If you have time to request, you have time to look at their rules.

→ During Freebie weeks you will not be limited but please do not be greedy.

→ During Gallery weeks all members may request two things from two different makers. (Exception for makers stated here). Please edit your requests as they are made to say done.

→ Please do not request from a maker if you have a previous outstanding request.

→ Please do not contact any makers or mods in their personal journals regarding pick ups (or anything else). We have real lives; some things may take a while.

→ Please pick up things within 5 days. Do not request if you will be away, but if something comes up please let us know. If you request something then abruptly leave the community you will be banned. That is just rude to waste the makers time.

→ Make sure to check the rules of bshare_gallery as well on the info page.

→ On Sunday's blinkieshare is closed. Please do not request on this day. Monday's begin a new week.

Maker Rules
→Please friend & Join blinkiemakers after being accepted.
→All rules posted on the info page of blinkiemakers


Please apply here
Have any issues, concerns or questions?
Ask here for our Mods or here for our Makers.

Buttons & Affliates

Please link us back to the community to show support. These are the only things that may be hotlinked. Please use the code provided and change the last numbers from 01 to 12 depending on which button you would like.

Check out these wonderful communities! =D


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