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Your Blinkie Community
29th-Aug-2008 10:39 pm(no subject)
season: darth at the beach
I'm closing blinkieshare, because it's not active right now. If we reopen it, we'll let everyone know.

Please stop trying to join.

Thank you.
11th-Oct-2006 03:45 pm - Maker Application/Affliates
→Sergio Ramos [Besos] Mine

Blinkieshare Maker Application
Looking for a Fun Community to Make For?
Blinkieshare is the Place!
You MUST currently be a member of blinkieshare in order to apply.


If your examples include blinkies, please do not include any kind of edits.
Graphics are not limited to blinkies. They can be icons, headers, etc.
All comments will be screened.
It may take a little bit to get back to you while we set up a vote for our makers.

Affiliates Application
Please add our button or a text link back to our community and we will have a text
link for you on our info page. Also please fill out the application so that we know
a little about who you are and what your community offers.

10th-Oct-2006 07:41 am - Public Post
{Kadam} → I Belong with You
I'm going to repeat this one more time.

The community is currently CLOSED, as we are re-vamping it completely.

Please stop trying to join! You will be denied! Please wait until we make an announcement saying we are open. Thank you!

Current members, please disregard this. We hope to have blinkieshare open soon!

Your Mods,

Amanda, Kristal, and Jess
14th-Sep-2006 05:05 pm - Locked!
{Kadam} → I Belong with You
blinkieshare is member's only. If you have any questions as to why you were denied membership, please feel free to leave a comment here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

Your Mods,

onthaedge, julione, and spaceneko
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